Get Started with Glamour

Get started with Glamour’s included RW 6 Sample Snippet Project so you can follow along in real time with the tutorials while using a project with some of the theme’s features already implemented. This great value will give you the ability to compare your inputted snippets in your projects and allow you to quickly copy and paste for future reference.

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How do I get Started?

1. Open your downloaded file including the theme install.

*If you are not using RapidWeaver 6, you may view a published version of the tutorials Sample Project at Glamour Sample Project

** Ensure that you have properly installed the Glamour theme file before moving forward with the Sample Snippet Project

2. You will see a folder that contains a Sample Snippet Project along with a Resources folder.

3. Open your project file and ensure that the Glamour theme is selected in the theme drawer.

4. Open your resources folder and drag and drop the images into the Resources section of the project.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 9.02.36 PM

5. Enjoy the Sample Snippet Project so you can readily see some of the tutorials’ features in real time.

* Ensure that you are copying and pasting coding snippets from the preview portion of the project as extra coding is placed within edit mode that is not necessary for your project to render correctly.