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Volante is a powerful, premium responsive RapidWeaver® theme. Whether you are a RapidWeaver® beginner or seasoned veteran, Volante utilizes a number of features to create a much more elegant and professional website for your next project. Take advantage of the ability to add retina ready graphics, responsive design, and a built-in slideshow within the theme itself.
Responsive web design is slowly making its presence as standard practice versus design luxury. Desktops are not the only viewing device for the web and Volante utilizes CSS media queries to ensure that your website responds to the width of your users device. This includes, but is not limited to laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices.

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            Volante is developed with tremendous versatility providing you with several style and color options to make each project you create that much more unique. Modern font choices and timeless design elements are included aiding in keeping your guests engaged in the project's content. Intuitive navigation and layout are of most importance.

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Volante comes with retina display ready features for those high resolution devices including the iPod/iPhone, iPad, and macBook Pro. Visit our tutorials to see how you can incorporate a sharper image when your guests view your project on a retina device.
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★ Learn how in Volante's Retina Image Tutorial

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★ HTML 5 and CSS 3
★ Responsive Web Design
★ jQuery Library
★ Retina Ready
★ Intuitive Sub Navigation
★ Content Focused
★ 46 Social Icons
★ Versatile Design Options
★ 6 Header and Extra Content Textures
★ Loads of Font Family Options
★ Loads of Color Options
and much more.
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Choose between a number of different design elements with the click of the button using Volante's built in style options. The range of layout, font and color options give you the ability to use the theme for a variety of client projects including as many personal projects as you wish.
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Volante comes with a unique built-in responsive slideshow with the capability to add up to 8 different slides per project. No further plugins are necessary as Volante makes the slideshow creation process that much easier within the template itself. Learn more and see how to utilize this feature in the tutorials.
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Volante knows that connecting with your guests is important. Select from 46 different social icons and make it easy for your viewers to connect with you outside of your project's domain.
*** Banner/Content Images as seen above are not included with the purchase of Volante unless otherwise noted.

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Follow the links below to dive into more information regarding some of the features listed above to learn more about your Volante theme. Practice its sleek design and elegance, capturing the attention of your guests in every project. Enjoy.