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Overture is a fully responsive premium designer theme developed to help make your site pop[ular]. Take full advantage of Overture's emphasis on next level design and functionality.
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Allow Overture's powerful responsive nature to respond to your user's browser window width. Dropdown menus are activated on click to ensure compatibility on mobile touch devices.
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Overture utilizes the power of CSS media queries to ensure that your project is enhanced at various browser widths for a great user-focused experience including a responsive banner image.
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Connect with your site visitors by utilizing Overture's built in social icons. View the social Icons tutorial to see how.
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Resize your browser window or simply view on your iPad and iPhone to see how Overture automatically responds to your browser window width
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Want to replicate the "Features" page without using a number of snippets and code? Take advantage of your Overture theme by using the Yourhead's Stacks Plugin page along with Joe Workman's Responsive Layout stack (Plugins Sold Separately).
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