Welcome to Phenom Theme

About the Theme

      Welcome. The Phenom theme comes with a variety of different layout options to make your site that much more unique while making the site creation process that much easier utilizing a number of modern elements from features to functionality.  Phenom is developed to effectively communicate with your guests including several modern font choices and stunning graphics aiding in keeping your guests engaged in what you have to say. Phenom's attention to detail makes every pixel intentional.

Feature-Full Functionality + Style

The Phenom theme is fully loaded with style, modern web features and functionality. Take advantage of several sleek layout options including diagonal banner and content accents, animated title and navigation area, and much more.

User-Full User Focused Experience

Your content is of utmost importance and Phenom ensures that your content is paramount while retaining eye-catching features to capture the attention of your guests. Enjoy a user focused experience not only when building your project, but when the pages are viewed live as well.

Power-Full jQuery Powered Anime

Make navigation that much easier for your guests while utilizing the jQuery-powered, animated header area so that your guests know where they are, wherever they are, on your project page. You may also disable the following feature for a more classic approach to your project.

Welcome to Phenom Theme

Responsive + Built-in Slideshow

      Phenom comes with a unique responsive slideshow with the capability to add up to 8 different slides per page within your project. No further plugins are necessary as the theme makes the slideshow creation process that much easier within the template itself. Learn more and see how to utilize this feature in the Phenom tutorials.
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Modern Angles or Timeless Classic. Both?

Plenty of Options

Explore the wide variety of options the Phenom theme has to offer to make the weaving process easier and more eye catching. Choose elements with a modern flare as seen above with "tilted" angles or select a more classic approach with straight lines along with subtle embellishments to make your next project pop[ular].