Extra Content Area VI

Take advantage of the ability to add extra content to Decadent's Extra Content VI slider area. Learn how to utilize this feature at: Extra Content Help. I tend to recommend the Stacks plugin page along with the free Extra Content stack which allows one to drag and drop text/images very easily into an extra content area. You also have the ability to hide this feature as seen in other example project pages throughout Decadent's preview site.


Decadent is a next-level fully responsive premium theme developed with you and your users as its prime focus. Communicate effectively and enhance the browsing experience with Decadent's smart navigation menu and eye catching layout.

Save Time+Energy

Decadent comes packed with built-in features including an extra content slider panel, responsive slideshow, animated dropdown menu, and 46 social icons so you can create functionality within the template itself.


Allow Decadent's flexibility to make your next project that much more unique by utilizing several built in style options including 25 color customizable elements and several font options. Make your next project pop[ular].
* Take advantage of Decadent's responsive nature by using Joe Workman's
Responsive Columns Stack to create column based layouts without code snippets.
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+ Responsive Design

As a result of an ever growing range of devices connecting to the internet along with a variety of screen sizes, Decadent takes advantage of CSS media queries to assist in a better user-focused experience at various browser widths.
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+ jQuery Powered

Decadent utilizes the jQuery library to power your next project including the navigation menu, slideshow, and more. Dropdown menus are activated on click to ensure compatibility on mobile touch devices and an enjoyable user experience.
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+ 20 Patterns & Textures

Take advantage of Decadent's 10 unique built-in patterns and 10 textures for your aside container. View examples of each background and how to utilize this feature in the preview site's tutorials.
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+ Social Icons

Connect with your site visitors by utilizing many of Decadent's 46 built in social icons including the new twitter, pinterest and more. View the Social Icons tutorial to see how.


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